Thursday, November 27, 2008

Albert Alvarez Artist: Democracy is Tyranny of Majority#links

Albert Alvarez Artist: Democracy is Tyranny of Majority#links

Paintings make Music, Language,digital sculptures, at one moment.

I guess I would say they are ways to extract creativity in it's entirety from an entity. Then shape what ever you got into different things.(The programs) Then where to store them.(Hexagon tunnels domes temples obstical courses.) ways to create multiple paintings at the same time. Walk through tunnels of every artist that's ever been there souls imprinted on the walls and binary codes girding, chopping up, deciphering pictures along with short hand squiggles, fluid brushstrokes and having a program that records styles then turns them into a individual language of approach to the canvas for that artist.

So I think the digital brush will record in multiple variations. like every setting that's possible... hmm well it might take up too much processing power.

Also the information gets recorded as a shape. so you might just be able to make the different settings later and tweak the information later.

How the programs will process and turn your art into more art will work something like this I think... (this is just for the d brush and the canvas mind you this is excluding the other forms of extraction that lock on at all times.) It records sections on a time line that along with the clone of your painting in digital form. So if each stroke is in sections it can then be related to a word or letter symbol or sound notes to a keyboard or instrument. I wonder how that would look on "symphonic". The sections can then be altered with pre programs that hold different settings for the time line. Say if you have three certain types of strokes you could also adjust the sensitivity of the estimation, to round off to the closest thing to that stroke. So anyways say those three stokes get recognized by being a diagonal pattern by an additive and you tell this additive to cut the line in half and rotate a certain way or move back in a 3d landscape and crystallize reflect and created fractals space out if things get to cluttered or zoom to detail clone itself or graduate or decrees fuse or exclude other lines. Also certain shapes and sizes of shapes can be recognize and have the same settings. The ways to activate additives seems endless as well. Six patterns can also make a hexagon. A canvas has a grid system of bumps on it these small bumps can be gridded or cropped in squares or rectangles. To find what language it is.

I noticed that when I thinned oil paint over thinker oil paint it would make tiny little droplets. It you let these dry then added more layers it would created more pixels for the binary code. Spray paint and Airbrushing are prolly better ways to extracting stuff. Using a microscope with a camera is a good idea too.

This all seems very easy to do I would think and to learn these language like binary, short hand, long hand, sand script, calligraphy you would be conscious of every layer of paint. Also combining the eeg video game reader to the equation would add more understanding to this. Yes they can make complex video games using telepathy with warriors using weapons to destroy things. Why not make a virtual clone of yourself to use tools to create. Don't they have something simple like Microsoft painter. I think that eeg reader could also be worn when sleeping or lucid dreaming, when lucid people are able to talk to there waking life into a voice recorder. Or on a higher control of lucid dreaming. Master unyronaughts can even clone there spirit to have multiple dreams at the same time. Also have multiple arms that can move individually. So in this virtual reality it's possible to create an infinite amount of frames and even record your dreams through the skill and style of an artist. Might start off painting a cube or four screens but those will eventually divide with your experience. Then you'll be stamping out frames with flying eyes with paintbrushes in there pupils locked on there own square pixels with there individual names. Why do pixels have to be square anyway why can't they be hexagons. This might also be another good way to map out the mind.

That might be way some religions forbid the combination with text and pictures they perhaps didn't want them to figure out that in order to create a life you need information framed within the body. Language, Music and Art.

I was also thinking about frames or skeletons in a 3d program and say using a fractal maker no matter how chaotic your fractal gets it will always make something that is recognizable because it will be adding flesh to the skeletons frame of an animal or person. The skeleton would be the guidelines for fractal animation.

0.Dual brush. traditional art merged with digital, axis having more axis for more access. stuff that reads the swirls in a water bucket rags whirls. Eyes and tongue movement.

1.Mind thoughts.eeg machines portable like those from near future video games.

Motion capture/ gloves

pressure sensitive floor/feet

Sounds Captured

Heart rate/ pulse

6. Hair loss/ growth, cellular recording will prolly be a possibility too.


Body temperature/ perspiration

9.laser dotting (kinda like motion capture but on the external from a frame. I wonder if there's lasers that take pictures from there dot? At least a pixel to relate it to all the other pixels. While also recording the distance.

10. Muscle contractions, Body suit with mo cap buttons on top.
Testicular fluctuations
Photo imaging analysis/ rendering polygons and animation
13. Wind light opening windows occasional bugs birds possible trees or plants growing in the room to add to the calm controlled randomness.

Hexallence and the infinite environments

Then there's the hexagon idea 6 foot hexagon wooden or metal panels or types of plexy glass. if the sides are beveled at the right angle they can form connected circle if you extend that circle you form a tunnel. Then put a glass floor in the center and you got a 360 degree view of it.

I want to make a life time continues painting to capture what it means to be alive. Nothing will go to wast and everything will have it's place in the never ending puzzle. It will be like the internet except hand drawn through the styles of artist. You could just print the entire thing out and project it through the tunnels, but that's the empty way of doing it. It must be recorded by a souls vision to be more fulling also better translation as well.

The Gons will be divide with guide lines in inches on the sides. That way when they are assembled differently they will create new images. Say if you have a head and you switch it with a new gon you now have the body of a being.

On the out side of the gons there will be these robotic arms that on a timer switch hexagons with entire screens or a new gon. These tunnels will all lead to a dome of hexagons and it is possible to make one they did it in Europe it just has to be really big. The Dome will also have a glass floor but will be missing a seven gons to let the sun in or at the very bottom you have blank canvas to where by being overloaded with information you make your own gon just by thinking of it.

Each hexagon will have a lazer pointing out the center of it to certain locations on the floor it will then be attached to the song I made while I was looking at the painting.

Then there's the paintings with candles and flowers/plants that records hamsters movements to environments that recycle themselves. If you make and leave these boxes or tetrahedrons in random places they will record the environment and if you pre program it with your style it will make your impression on the place.

Leaving a painting with a flower intertwining around it will give you an appreciation for it be cause as your plant grows so to will your understanding of the art. The candles will will burn, gravity will pull them in sculpted reliefs that are mazes or outlines or whole pieces of the painting that are waiting for color. It can be gathered and weighed down by a balance to a cheese grader that has varying holes the smaller ones being the shading or dark areas of a face for instance and the larger ones for lighter areas. Rendering the face 3d when it hits the flat shelf beneath . Same thing for gun powder.

I have many Ideas and good hands to make them but so little time and mostly so little funding.

Why will there be a need for art if everyone is conscious? Will it still be relevant? I think when it comes down to it it's all about balance, light, dark, and creating novelty and enthusiasm.
I don't really know if that explains anything but I know!

So anyways I hope we can find this or make these tools to better extract and make art more interesting and interactive for the masses and to map out the dream world and build and claim planets and become gods.
Don't cha Know!

Roy S: Just what exactly are you talking about in there, you speak in a differen't language I can't follow through with it, is there a simplified version of it.
Christain Rodriguez: pretty original for there age.
Christain Rodriguez: What you mean my bulletin?
Roy S: yeah
Christain Rodriguez: what words don't you understand?
Roy S: it's not the words, your lingustics are differen't
Roy S: it's like a imagery metaphrical explination
Roy S: Can't explain it
Christain Rodriguez: what parts.
Roy S: almost like poetry
Christain Rodriguez: in some parts.
Roy S: Some sort of complicated poetry
Christain Rodriguez: I really thought I toned that part of me down this time.
Christain Rodriguez: So your saying I'm not getting straight to the point?
Roy S: Yeah, it's not easy to understand, that's for sure
Roy S: I probably would have to spend hours to undrstand it
Christain Rodriguez: Whaaaaaaaat
Christain Rodriguez: what do you mean?
Roy S: Walk through tunnels of every artist that's ever been there souls imprinted on the walls and binary codes girding, chopping up, deciphering pictures along with short hand squiggles, fluid brushstrokes and having a program that records styles then turns them into a individual language of approach to the canvas for that artist.
Roy S: for instance, I don't know how to interpret that
Christain Rodriguez: you need to point out these sentances so I can revise.
Roy S: It's like you unwillingly created a style of your own language
Roy S: without you knowing
Christain Rodriguez: yes
Roy S: but I'm trying to understand it, but I figured it's better to talk to you about these ideas
Christain Rodriguez: because of the branching out fractaling patterens
Christain Rodriguez: it's infinate when you apply other paintings to it.
Roy S: Hmm, I don't understand
Roy S: what is branching out fractalin patterens?
Roy S: is there another way to say for a layman like me
Christain Rodriguez: they combine then form into new ones but along with cutting each stroke into pieces for the timeline and each piece will then be related to a word or key for an instrament and depending on how fast you bridge the gap to each stroke it will to apply that to the speed of the song being played or the speed of the words being spoken.
Roy S: Hmm, so basically your idea is composing music with paint?
Christain Rodriguez: yep
Roy S: thats a rowdy idea
Roy S: I think you explaining yourself in these simple words would be good for you
Roy S: I would like to learn more
Roy S: how can we apply this for practical use?
Christain Rodriguez: I told you already
Roy S: So basically each shade is a frequency?
Roy S: yeah, sorry my mistake
Christain Rodriguez: with merging a digital brush like some product from wacom and a paint brush that can fit in it.
Christain Rodriguez: yes each shade is a frequency and presure sensitivity.
Christain Rodriguez: but that could all change with certain settings to what those chopped up pieces do.
Roy S: I see
Roy S: how long have you been working on this?
Christain Rodriguez: what other ? did you have on it.
Christain Rodriguez: I've been thinking about this idea for a while.
Christain Rodriguez: ever since I painted that painting with the fluid layers that look like transperent exoskeletion insect serations.
Roy S: you did it again
Roy S: Express yourself how ever you want man, laguange is an art form too
Roy S: just be prepared to simply it
Roy S: simplify it
Christain Rodriguez: I'm just trying to expain it the best way I know how to.
Roy S: It's the best way you understand, it's your own creativity.
Roy S: I have nothing aginst it
Roy S: I think it's pretty neat
Christain Rodriguez: I think I'm really am saying it quite simple man.
Roy S: can you link me to hte paintnig.
Christain Rodriguez: I even think I look like an idiot sometimes but I'm really eager and don't care how my words come out just as long as the message is recived... the really smart people know what I'm talking about.
Christain Rodriguez: yeah hold up.
Roy S: Well I never said you were an idiot and being smart has nothing to do with understanding your words, I think the problem is me not knowing certian words (not your problem, but people like me) so yeah, if I only knew what those words ment, I could understand you clearly.